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Logo Interpretation 

The left part of the logo is like an arrow and a bow made up of the letters of Y and G, which literally means that after the arrow is shot, it can only fly forward, and semantically that YG will keep marching forward with courage and determination. As early as when Yelloe Emperor defeated Chiyou in Zhuolu, he used bow and arrow; In the Spring and Autumn Period, bow and arrow as regarded the most powerful weapon, so it not only stands for power and ability, but also the cultural accumulation. The logo has witnessed the growth of YG, continued its culture and embodied its profession and strength. The right part of the logo are the characters of “永冠”, which means YG TAPE is a big family who attaches great importance to unity and cooperation. The bottom color of the logo is Chinese red which boasts a rich and profound cultural connotation like a symbol of eternity, light, vitality, prosperity, warmth and hope. The whole logo means that YG is a big family and every member works hard with courage and make joint efforts so as to develop YG well and provide excellent products with high technology and strong responsibility!  

Building the Great Brand of YG

YG TAPE has kept moving forward with the mind of producing adhesive products of global brand. At present we are making additional efforts with duct tape, making tape, cleaning tape, etc as the key subject to build the great brand of YG so as to meet international market demand and development. YG will continue strengthening domestic and foreign market promotion and its R&D ability and product quality, so that it can consolidate its brand strength and leadership through study and communication with its counterparts at home and abroad.

Promote the Combination between Brand-building and Enterprise Culture

We will promote the combination between brand-building and enterprise culture with great efforts being made to strengthen cultural refinement, summary, innovation and uplift, so that core values of enterprise culture can be cultivated with YG characteristics. Culture is an very important engine which can and should be used to build brand in depth and width and uplift its value. Finally we will achieve sustainable development of YG.

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