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YG TAPE group's core concept system consists of the purpose, mission, vision, strategic positioning, and business philosophy, expressing YG TAPE group's value pursuit and value standard.

The purposes of YG TAPE
The pursuit of excellence and dedication to the society.

The pursuit of excellence

Not afraid of difficult, forge ahead, the courage to fight, the courage to innovate, beyond the self, beyond others, and endlessly toward the new higher goal to climb.

The dedication to the society

Adhere to the high degree of economic responsibility and social responsibility, in order to provide satisfactory products and services, while promoting energy-saving emission reduction, to protect the ecological environment, social welfare, to build a harmonious society, to show responsibility, integrity, green, safe, harmonious corporate image.

YG TAPE vision

Vision is the future blueprint that YG TAPE group is fighting for, is a long-term strategic goal of enterprise, expounds the problem what the enterprise the YG TAPE group will become in the future.

Tongwei business philosophy

Business philosophy is the existence significance of evaluation standard and the behavior value selection criteria for YG TYPE and its people, as well as the basic beliefs and behavior criterion that YG TAPE will pursue and respect for successful operation, which can be summarized as four words: honesty, faith, justice and one.

 [Honesty] Honesty as the first to treat each other honestl

Honesty is the truth, based on the oneself, not too ambitious, tightly staring at big goals, solidly, one step a footprint, market-oriented, market research; not empty talking and forming, down-to-earth, working honestly, aiming to practice.

Honesty is wholeheartedly, for the customer sincerely, with excellent products to meet customer needs and solve customer problems; for colleagues sincerely, not suspect, trust each other, active communication, sincere cooperation.

Honesty is loyalty and dedication. Integrity, honesty as the virtue, everyone is self-discipline; actively integrate oneself into the organization, respect and uphold the company's fine tradition and work system; firmly act to support the company's mission and goals, subject to the overall situation.

[Faith] Keep the promise and loyalty

Keep the promise, quality assurance, and thoughtful service to customers; be trustworthy, dedication, fulfilling duties, innovation to the positions; be trustworthy, observing regulations and discipline, standardized and efficient, wholehearted devotion to public duty for enterprises; be trustworthy, resource conservation, intensive development, environmental friendly for the society; be trustworthy, in love with the motherland, contributing to society for our country. "Life for a minute, be responsible for sixty seconds". Use the enthusiasm to interpret the faith, and action to practice the faith.

[Justice] Legitimately doing business

Manage via compliance with laws and regulations and related policies to carry out the production and operation activities; and actively respond to the national industrial development guidance and call; actively promote the development of urban friendly green industry; be solidarity and cooperation, honest and trustworthy, to promote fair competition, and oppose the use of unfair means to damage the interests of peers and customers; ensure product and service quality, strict management of products, production, sales, and inventory management.

[One] Everything is first-class

Externally create first-class products, first-class service, first-class brand, first-class reputation; internally build a first-class culture, first-class team, first-class management, and establish a first-class enterprise, benchmarking enterprise image.

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