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Talent is the foundation of company development and competitiveness. YG has always put talents as the first resource, dependence on talent as the fundamental premise of development, respect to talent as the fundamental principle of company, and the advancing the common development of YG and employees as the fundamental task of our talent strategy. As for the usage of talents in reality, YG is good at providing the stage where employees can make full use of their abilities and wisdom, so that full play is given to every talent, and full use is made of their abilities. Meanwhile with adopting various ways, we are devoted to improving our human resources management and the comprehensive quality of our talents, and promote the common development of YG and employees and let employees share the development fruits of YG. Finally common development will be achieved and the success shared.

Attracting talents with career: The charm of our platform has attracted many excellent talents. We continue diversifying our operational strategy and doing our utmost to build up the employee development platform and optimize YG planning development. Finally we will create a sound and positive work environment of quality so as to attract plenty of talents. 

      Appraising talents with performance: We will attach more importance to the project of quantitative performance and gradually improve our performance appraisal system so as to strengthen the evaluation mechanism for employees and display our strength with facts and data.

Motivating talents with remuneration: Continuous efforts are to be made to readjust and improve remuneration and benefits system so that it can be more reasonable and more scientific. Taking employee’s seniority, rank, position, actual performance, achievement, the local conditions, and industrial reality, etc into consideration, we work out corresponding and attractive remuneration and benefits system and standard.

Refining talents with responsibility: With career ambition driving talent development and responsibility sense guiding talent progress, we firmly uphold the talent management ideas that rough diamond needs to be refined, so do employees. Therefore all of them should be refined so that they have the courage to undertake task, challenges and responsibility and constantly improve themselves.

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