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Three methods for identification of non-toxic and toxic plastic films

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How to distinguish between toxic and toxic plastic film? The most commonly used method of identification is the sense of perception, and the methods of combustion and water immersion.

Sense of perception: polyethylene and polypropylene has better transparency than PVC film, and the surface has a layer of waxy luster, so touching leads a sense of lubrication. And PVC was milky white, poor transparency, sticky, dark color, a sense of poor performance.
Combustion method: polyethylene, easy ignition, flame colors with yellow top and blue bottom, the smell of wax, smokeless, away from flame but still burning; difference of polypropylene and polyethylene is just a small amount of black smoke, and smell of oil. But toxic PVC is difficult to ignite and flame can be divided into two colors, the upper yellow, the lower green. The flame was splash shaped, white smoke, pungent smell of spicy, fire gone once leaving the flame. Due to the toxic polyvinyl chloride film, this should not be burned in the kitchen, so as not to cause any air pollution.

Water immersion identification method: this method is simple and practical. Use hand to press the plastic bag into the water. If it sunk in the water, then they are generally toxic. Those can float on the water, are generally non-toxic.

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