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Butyl Tape
adhesive butyl tape
adhesive butyl tape

Butyl Tape

Welcome to YG's collection of Butyl Tape! Our high-quality butyl tape products are ideal for a variety of uses, from roofing and windows to plumbing and automotive. Whether you need to waterproof a window frame or seal a pipe joint, we have the ideal butyl sealant tape for the job. Our butyl putty is highly malleable and can be used to fill and seal gaps of any size. Our double-sided butyl tape is ideal for bonding two surfaces together with a superior hold. And our butyl waterproof tape is perfect for sealing surfaces exposed to moisture and water. Whatever the application, our butyl tape for roofing and windows will give you a secure and long-lasting bond. Shop our selection of butyl tape today and find the perfect product for your project!

Specification of butyl tape in China

ProductTotal ThicknessPeel AdhesionTensile StrengthHigh Temperature ResistantLow Temperature Resistant

(μm)(mil)cement board(n/mm)color steel plate(n/mm)(n/mm)

RA100-11000±1039.37≥0.7≥0.9≥9.580℃(2h no flowing)-20℃(no cracking)

Advantages of China Butyl Waterproof Tape

  • Effective water resistance: China butyl waterproof tape is highly effective in sealing surfaces that are regularly exposed to moisture and water.  It is specifically designed to provide a long-lasting and reliable barrier against water, humidity, and other environmental elements.     

  • Exceptional sealing: The tape's butyl rubber adhesive is highly adhesive and flexible, allowing it to conform to irregular surfaces and provide a tight, leak-proof seal.  

  • High durability: Butyl waterproof tape is made from a tough and durable material that can withstand regular wear and tear. It can remain flexible and work well for a long time, even in harsh or demanding conditions. 

  • Versatile:It is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, including metal, concrete, brick, glass, and more.  Whether you are sealing a roof deck, a basement, or any other area susceptible to water intrusion, our butyl waterproof tape is an excellent choice for durable and effective water protection.

How to Choose the Right China Butyl Sealant Tape?

  • Consider the size of the area you need to seal: choose a butyl tape that is wide enough to cover the entire area.

  • Determine the temperature range of the surface: choose a butyl tape that can handle the temperature range required.

  • Research the compatibility of the butyl tape with the surface: certain surfaces may require specific types of butyl tape.

  • Ensure that the butyl tape is UV and weather resistant: this will ensure that the seal lasts for a long time.

How to Properly Install Butyl Tape?

  • Clean the surface to ensure proper adhesion. Make sure to remove dirt, rust, oil, and any other residues.

  • Cut the tape to desired length, with a sharp knife or scissors.

  • Apply the tape using steady pressure, starting from one end and working your way to the other.

  • Allow the tape to properly adhere before using the object, usually 48 hours.

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