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Fiberglass Mesh Tape
adhesive fiberglass mesh
adhesive fiberglass mesh

Fiberglass Mesh Tape

Fiberglass Mesh Tape is an incredibly versatile and essential material for a variety of applications. From drywall repair and reinforcement to waterproofing, this useful material provides strong, durable adhesion and protection from harsh environmental factors. As an affordable and reliable solution to many common problems, a fiberglass mesh tape is an invaluable tool for any handyman. By combining the strength of fiberglass with the flexibility of mesh, this tape offers an effective, long-lasting solution for a variety of projects. Whether you're looking to repair a drywall crack, reinforce a wall, or seal a leaky pipe, our fiberglass drywall tape and fiberglass mesh tape for waterproofing will provide you with the protection and peace of mind you need.

Specification of Fiberglass Mesh Tape

ProductYarn(Tex)WeightDensity Count/25mmTensile Strength N/5cmx20cmContent of resin%Jumbo Roll



Types of Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape

  • Self Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape: The self-adhesive fiberglass tape saves time during installation as it does not require additional adhesives or tools. Drywall fiberglass mesh is a self-adhesivere inforcing material that is applied over the seams between drywall sheets to reinforce the joint and prevent cracking. It is  and easy to apply, making it popular among professional builders and DIY enthusiasts. 

  • Fiberglass tape for wall cracks: It is designed to prevent cracks in walls and ceilings from spreading and becoming larger by reinforcing the damaged area. The fiberglass tape for wall cracks is applied directly over the crack and covered with joint compound or spackle, creating a seamless finish without the need for sanding. 

  • Fiberglass mesh tape for plaster repair: It is used in the process of repairing or patching cracks or defects in plaster walls or ceilings. Fiberglass mesh tape for plaster repair is applied over the crack or damage and then the plaster or joint compound is applied over it to fill in the cracks or damage. It has an adhesive backing that allows it to stick securely to the surface of the wall or ceiling.

Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape Uses

  • Fiberglass Mesh Tape is used to reinforce drywall and plaster walls. It provides a strong bond and can help prevent cracks and other damage.

  • It is also used to tape seams in a variety of applications, such as pool liners, awnings, and vinyl flooring.

  • Fiberglass Mesh Tape is also used to repair small holes in walls or ceilings, as well as to fill gaps in trim or other areas.

  • It can also be used to patch minor cracks in masonry walls and to cover up cracks in stucco or other cement surfaces.

Advantages Of China Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape

  • Fiberglass Mesh Tape is lightweight and easy to install, making it a great choice for DIY projects.

  • It is highly durable and resistant to damage, providing a long-lasting seal between surfaces.

  • The tape is waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew, making it a great choice for areas exposed to moisture.

  • It is cost-effective and can be purchased in bulk, making it an economical choice for large-scale projects.

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