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Six Reasons for the Edge Warping of Masking Tape

Here, the reasons for the edge warping of masking tape are introduced in detail from six aspects.

1. The viscosity of glue is too weak:

a suitable glue material should be selected;

2. Insufficient pressure on the press wheel of the labeling machine: 

the reasons and solutions are as above;

3. Label surface materials: 

When selecting label surface materials, we should consider whether the labeled object is flat or curved, large or small in diameter, single curved or spherical, rigid or compressible. These indicators are directly related to the selection of surface materials. Soft bottles should be made of soft materials such as PE, PVC, unstretched PP, and materials synthesized by PE and PP. Hard bottles can be made of PET, BOPP and PS.

4. Improper selection of adhesive: 

When selecting adhesive products, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether the adhesive required for the self-adhesive label is permanent or removable, whether it can be pasted once or reattached, and whether the product has special requirements for the chemical characteristics of the adhesive for a dry adhesive label, etc. For example, on the surface with large curvature, when marking, heavy or hard paper materials (such as mirror coated paper) should not be selected for the surface material, but film or thin soft paper materials and adhesive with high initial viscosity should be selected. For containers that need to be hot-filled, the surface material of self-adhesive material should be film material and adhesive with good initial viscosity;

5. Poor tension control of film covering: 

the label with correct film covering is flat after being peeled off from the backing paper, and it does not curl, and the label can maintain good follow-up after labeling; After the label with too tight film covering tension is peeled off from the backing paper, the label will turn upside down, which leads to the phenomenon that the label edge will be degummed and tilted easily after labeling.

6. Unreasonable bottle shape design: 

The reasonable design should be that the surface of the bottle body is flat within the labeling range (mainly in the design of the oblate bottle body). However, if the surface of the labeling range is partially spherical, the labeling area is large when using paper labels, and the lower end is prone to wrinkling on both sides after labeling. The above six reasons are more common. In order to make the masking tape more adhesive, we must prevent the occurrence of the above six phenomena. The most important thing is to.

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